The Pack

Daniel: Some say he is well-known for flying, as they’ve witnessed his shoulders sprout a pair of wings. Others say he invented the word ”cheeseburger”. All we know is this guy organizes this place exceptionally well, constantly bringing fresh ideas, new methods and higher service to our guests and all the while motivating “The Pack.” Bottom line is, this guy runs the show.

Sander: Some say he was a Romantic poet in his previous life. Others say there isn’t a single thing he doesn’t know about flora and fauna. All we know is he can manage anything, from designing our interior to putting flowers and champagne in your room. He’ll make your holiday so comfortable and pleasant that you’ll want to come back and admire his magical aura again.

Carola: Some say one of her ancestors was a Roman emperor. Others say she has pomodoro running through her veins. All we know is she’s absolutely stunning. With the long experience she has in this place, she’ll surely make your stay unforgettable. Don’t be surprised if she whips out her skills in Dutch, English and Spanish to provide you with extra information.

Ivan: Some say he sees life through a musical matrix and his heartbeat adjusts automatically. Others say he was born by immaculate conception, which might explain his logic being half divine intervention half magic. All we know is he won’t let you go until you have no more questions. Don’t forget, your words are music to his ears.

Gulsen: Some say she was a spy for the Dutch government, working as an Enemy Intelligence Officer. This might explain why she doesn’t like questions. Others say her favourite meal of the day is breakfast. All we know is she knows everything about hospitality and you’ll enjoy her impeccable and graceful breakfast service.

Emidio: Some say he’s travelled all continents and is an amalgamation of the best from each. Others say he’s a visual artist inspired by his distant but powerful kinship to John Lennon. All we know is he’ll expand your knowledge beyond any boundaries you’ve imagined. This is not surprising given that in his mind, he’s still dancing at a sunny carnival in Rio.

Pedro: Some say he never sleeps. Others say he’s just too excited about life. All we know is he’s the friendliest guy around and whether you have a last round with him at the bar or a cup of coffee with him before rushing out for a meeting, he will be there for you with patience and understanding.

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