The first step is choosing your room. We’d like to say that all rooms are created equally with love, style and effective use of space. All rooms have your obvious amenities like TV, free wi-fi, private bathroom and an exceptionally cozy bed fit for catnaps to comas. Whichever room you choose, rest assured, you get what you pay for. But equality is a social concept that has always struggled in reality. And let’s face it, size matters.

Here is your room hierarchy:

Small Single Room: For workers or single travellers.

At the bottom of the rung, this is the smallest room. But here at the Aalborg, we don’t discriminate. The cozy single room is equipped with the same amenities as the bigger rooms and our friendly staff is here to make all guests feel loved and pampered. If you’re still waiting for your promotion or if you’re stuck with alimony payments, the single room has your price written all over it.

Small Double Room: For couples.

You’re romantic lovers on your 10 year anniversary or you’re friends who are so close it’s sometimes awkward. Maybe you came alone, but you’re optimistic. We don’t judge. This is the comfort room, still modestly sized, but all you need is love. After a warm shower and a combination of bed + TV remote, you may not want to leave.

Standard Twin: For those who like space.

It’s completely platonic and you haven’t been friends for that long, so why would you want to share a bed? Or you’re a couple who wants to push beds together and live it up. Whoever you are, the standard twin has 2 single beds in a more spacious room.

Standard Triple: For friends with friends.

You’re a bunch of college kids on spring break. Or you’re three best girlfriends who haven’t been together in the same room since high school graduation in 1999. The triple is a room for giddy celebration or conversation. Three beds. Big room.

Standard Quad: For families or groups.

Just don’t pull a Keith Richards in L.A. circa 1972 and pitch the TV off the side of the balcony. Hey, we’re talking to you too, moms. Thankfully, hoteliers worldwide have since learned from Keith’s energetic display of Rockstardom and we now bolt down our TVs. Four single beds. Huge room. Bring your little munchkins. Baby bed on request.


Size isn’t everything, after all. Ask us about rooms with balconies, park views and garden views. The little things matter too: champagne, wine or flowers can be brought to you on request. Also note that the hotel is strictly non-smoking, so smokers might want to consider a balcony. In that case you’re looking for a quadruple room as they are the only rooms with balconies. Otherwise, you can also smoke in the garden that is open from 8AM to 10PM. The garden is also open for breakfast and drinks, of course. You can also get a wake up call from our in-house robot so you won’t be late for breakfast.

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