Albert Cuyp Market:

This is the Netherlands’ most popular daily market and is a two minute walk from the hotel. It has everything. And by everything, we mean EVERYTHING. We’re talking fruits and veggies, fresh seafood, clothing, cameras, watches, jewelry, beauty products, purses, bicycles, Mr. T’s FlavorWave, cow hide rugs and numerous food stands to snack at. This market has very reasonable prices and is an experience we highly recommend.


This is the most popular and typically commercial shopping street in Amsterdam. You’ll recognize brands like Zara, Diesel and Levis. If you’re an H&M fan, you can bask in the glory of THREE stores within a couple blocks.

PC Hooftstraat:

If you’re crazy loaded with cash and have a soft spot for haute couture, this high-end street is for you. Channel and Louis Vuitton and Gucci, oh my. Or maybe you’re just masochistic and enjoy smudging your nose up against exterior windows while admiring Louboutin shoes.

9 streets:

If you consider yourself a trendsetter, the “De Negen Straatjes” are for you. You’ll find a mix of vintage shops and the hippest labels. You’ll also be able to stop into quaint cafes and bakeries for a bite to eat between purchases.


Haarlemmerstraat is Amsterdam’s lively alternative shopping street where you can find, among other things, a variety of speciality shops, vintage clothing shops, overpriced design stores, a quaint little cinema, a juice bar run by friendly hippy, real Amsterdam bars with beer-drinking locals and a lovely slew of restaurants, cheese shops, wine shops and coffee shops. You’ll enjoy this street, whether it’s tea time or whiskey time.

De Bijenkorf:

Amsterdam’s department store, for those who are adverse to the outdoors. Enjoy six floors of interesting shops and modern design.


Step into the postcard of Amsterdam.

Clogs, tulips, cheese and windmills might be your first thoughts. We can make this your reality. We’ll direct you to souvenir shops so you can buy clogs all kinds for every single one of your friends, children, co-workers and lovers. The ”Bloemenmarkt” spreads across a scenic segment of the ”Singel” canal is the place with most varities of tulips. If you’re here in springtime, don’t miss the wonderful blossom and bulb displays at the infamous ”Keukenhof.” There are only a dozen windmills left in Amsterdam of which the most famous is ”De Gooyer.” Enjoy its sight with a home-brewed beer in your hand at the award-winning brewery ”Brouwerij’t Ij,” right next door. This is just a 7 minute tram ride from Aalborg so get on it!

Embark on a bicycle adventure through the city.

This is how most of us get around. It doesn’t matter if it’s hailing or monsooning – you’ll still see an entire Dutch family braving the weather on one bicycle. Biking can be a great ride if you know where you’re going and you’ll prove yourself as a free spirited Dutch citizen. For those who haven’t lifted a barbell or stepped on a treadmill in a decade, don’t worry. The Netherlands are flat, so you can get around without the fear of impending hills. Check out our bicycle rentals at the reception so we can help you coast along, stop to admire beautiful sights and get anywhere you want in the city within 10-15 minutes.

Get beyond the city by boat.

This is the most traditional tour you can take around the city. You can even rent a private boat and experience the canals at your own pace. We think it’s the most beautiful way to sightsee. We suggest to get on a boat in the afternoon or early evening so you can admire the city lights and decorated bridges by twilight. If you’re one for romance, this is a great setting to do your wooing. Don’t hesitate to ask the staff to help you organize your boat trip around Amsterdam.

Eat a raw herring.

Yes, it’s raw fish. But it’s tasty. Especially in May and July when new catch hits the stands and you don’t even need pickle or onion garnish to sweeten the fish. One tip though (you’ll thank us), maybe hold out on the herring right before going for drinks or a night of dancing. There are many fresh fish shops around the city but we recommend the ”Volendammer Viswinkel,” just a few minutes away from Aalborg. Once you’re an addict, you’ll be eating it in one bite like the Dutch.

Let yourself get lost in Amsterdam.

It will probably happen by accident when you notice that most streets in Amsterdam look the same at first glance. But that’s the magic and beauty of this city. You don’t need to plan everything out – let serendipity reveal Amsterdam’s gems. ”De Jordaan,” ”De Pijp” and ”Museum Quarter” are just a few different areas where you can find secret spots. Don’t worry. Amsterdam is essentially a small village and some say the canals curve around the center; sooner or later, you’ll end up where you started!

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